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Our Goal: To empower patients, by providing widespread access to high quality, cost-effective health care via telemedicine.

VideoMedicine, an innovative face-to-face video chat app, is the world’s first mobile free-market telemedicine service that allows patients to consult with with doctors, specialists, and psychologists through iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. VideoMedicine lets the patient choose the doctor they want and that fits their pocketbook. Other telemedicine services do not give the patient this choice. Other systems dictate who the doctor will be. VideoMedicine has no minimum “flat fees” per telemedicine visit, VideoMedicine doctors charge by the minute. VideoMedicine Doctors may donate free time if they choose. This is an industry first! Each doctor chooses his or her own rate. The patient chooses based on cost and qualification. Every minute counts, and not a dollar wasted!

Telemedicine is the modern version of the house call and VideoMedicine is the future of telemedicine.

This groundbreaking app allows patients and doctors to connect regardless of the patient’s ability to schedule an office visit, or travel to a medical center. Getting a second opinion or a referral has never been easier! Sick patients who are bedridden, those living in remote areas with limited doctor access, seniors and busy moms with sick kids who need answers quickly will love using VideoMedicine.

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