How It Works

Providers at your fingertips!
Why wait weeks or months for an appointment?

Choose a highly-qualified provider
you would like to video-chat with today!

We are proud to have providers from the world’s top-ranked institutions including: Harvard, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, University of California – San Francisco, Washington University, Northwestern, New York University, and many more… We have a wide variety of highly-ranked online providers ranging from primary care to specialists.

Have a heart problem? Speak to a Cardiologist. Do you have diabetes? Speak to an Endocrinologist. Feeling down or depressed? Speak to a Psychologist or Psychiatrist. Is your child sick? Speak to a Pediatrician. These are just a few examples. There are many more reasons to use VideoMedicine!


Step 1

Install the VideoMedicine app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, register after reading our User Agreement, and you are ready to go.

Step 2

You can search for and select a provider to consult with who is either online now, or request an appointment * for a future date. Please note that whether you have a scheduled, or instant consultation, you must initiate the call. The provider cannot call the patient.

Step 3

Add your account balance using your credit card. You need to have enough money to pay for the call in your account balance, which can be returned to your credit card at any time using our simple refund option. Important note: in order to start a call, you must have a minimum account balance that covers the cost of the appointment. The provider can decrease the time charged if they wish to do so. This minimum is in place to ensure the provider will get paid for their time.

Your health care information and privacy is a priority. Our security standards are HIPAA compliant for your protection. Your online health professionals is required to respect your privacy and uphold HIPAA standards.

*All appointments need to request at least 10-minutes of the provider’s time. It is not practical to manage a schedule with appointment requests less than 10-minutes. In some instances, the provider may, at his or her discretion, charge you for less than 10-minutes at the end of the appointment.

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