Lemons – Good for Your Health and Your Skin -

Most people know that eating lemons and/or lemon juice is good for your health. But did you also know that lemons can be surprisingly beneficial to the health of your skin?  Of course, it should be noted that lemons are not meant to be eaten in massive quantities because of their acidity. The acid levels in many citrus fruits make them slightly dangerous to the health of our tooth enamel, putting our teeth at risk for decay. However, eating citruses such as lemons, grapefruits, and oranges in small to medium quantities provides a great deal of amazing health and beauty benefits.


Health benefits of lemons include:

1)  A stronger immune system -

Lemons are packed full of antioxidants such as vitamin C, which help to strengthen our immunities and give them the power that they need to fight off common colds and illnesses. This is especially important to consider during flu season and times when you’re more at risk for contracting an illness.

2)  Reducing the risk of developing anemia -

Iron deficiency anemia is very common among women, particularly women who are pregnant or breastfeeding because of the strain on their bodies nutritionally. A great tip to boost the iron absorption qualities of lemons is to squeeze their zesty juice atop a salad in the place of dressing. Salads made with dark, leafy green vegetables have the highest amounts of iron. Good choices would be: spinach, kale, collard greens, and mustard greens (all of which taste great with lemon juice)!

3) Giving your skin a healthy glow -

Eating lemons in their natural form and/or putting lemon juice on your skin and letting it absorb into your pores topically is a great tool for skin detoxification. Lemons have over 30 grams of vitamin C, so it comes as no surprise that lemons yield a great deal of anti-aging and detoxifying effects for the skin. According to Medical News Today, “[Lemons] can help to fight skin damage caused by the sun and pollution, reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin texture. Vitamin C plays a vital role in the formation of collagen, the support system of your skin.”

4)  Curing acne and reducing acne scars -

When lemon juice is applied topically to the skin, it has the ability to reduce the appearance of both acne and acne scars. Lemons are great at reducing acne, blackheads, and blemishes because of their ability to kill the bacteria which causes breakouts. As facingacne.com tells us, “Korean scientists studying Korean citrus fruits have confirmed that applying lemon juice to the skin causes acne bacteria to send out less of the chemical messenger that tricks the human immune system into destroying skin cells (and giving the bacteria an escape route to the surface) by releasing a compound called interleukin-8, or IL-8.”

5) Lemons are a natural energy booster -

The simple act of smelling a lemon can give your body an instant mood boost. Because of the extraordinary hydrating and oxygenating effects of lemons on the body, their juice should be mixed into water daily to boost both mood and energy.

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