So you’re a VideoMedicine provider…

Chances are, you are passionate about access to care for families in rural areas or who may be disabled, making it difficult to see a provider with ease. Or perhaps you joined VideoMedicine to take part in one of our enterprise initiatives or to offer telehealth to your own clientele. There’s no way around it: telemedicine is not only the future… it’s now. Nine out of ten healthcare institutions are either in the process of opening, or have already opened, telemedicine to their patients. This is great for both doctors and patients alike because telemedicine has been proven to increase attendance rates for followup appointments, overhead is cut, money is saved, and patient satisfaction is almost always higher when a telehealth option is on the table.

To ensure that both you and your telehealth patients have the best and most efficient experience possible, it is important to consider these helpful “Best Practice” tips:

  • Your photo/avatar is the first thing a potential patient will see when they are searching for your profile. It’s important that your picture be clear, professional, and welcoming. Please no “selfies”, candids, grainy images, or images without you in it. It is best to have a professional headshot taken. But if that is too inconvenient for you, another option is to stand before a white wall or backdrop and have a friend take a picture of you from the shoulders up.
  • We are the world’s only free market telehealth platform. This creates a competitive marketplace muchvm_graph like in the physical world. For all patients *not* associated with an institutional contract, you are free to set your own rate on either a per minute or per session basis. When doing this, it’s smart to keep your rate in the “Goldilocks Zone”: not too warm (high), and not too cold (low) for your specialty.
  • Make sure that your biography is informative and up-to-date. Many of our doctors have “generic” bios which were auto-populated during registration. It’s OK to use these generic  bios, but letting your patients know who you are and what your interests are will certainly help them make and keep a lasting connection with you.
  • Make sure your availability calendar is set up so that patients know when is best to set an appointment with you.
  • Make sure you go “online” or “live” with your profile a few minutes before the start of each call. You will *not* be able to receive calls unless you are logged into your profile with a green “online” status.
  • We are growing rapidly and are expected to have upwards of a million patients on our system by the end of this year. With that being said, call volume will be low to medium before we ramp up. If you’d like to take your call volume into your own hands, please feel encouraged to contact us about on-boarding  your own clientele. We offer the options of private groups, institutional store fronting, customization, etcetera. Please email for more information.
  • It is important to have a deep understanding of how our platform works. We have sent all of our providers invitations to attend our optional VM University hosted through LearnCore. This invitation includes three video tutorials and three corresponding quizzes to help test your VideoMedicine knowledge. We also offer personalized training with a VideoMedicine representative should you desire a more individualized touch. Let us know if you would like to schedule personalized training and/or would like to have your LearnCore invitation resent.