About Us

We are passionate about making medicine more accessible, more affordable, and more transparent. VideoMedicine is the world’s first mobile, free-market doctor network. We invite top-quality U.S. licensed doctors to join our program. Your privacy is a priority. VideoMedicine is more than just HIPAA compliant; we exceed their security standards for data transmission.

Dr. Charles Butler and his Board of Directors are passionate about eliminating healthcare disparities. He created VideoMedicine with the purpose of improving access to quality healthcare while empowering patients. He strongly believes that patients should have the right to choose which doctor they want to speak with. The VideoMedicine Board of Directors mentioned below are working hard to make mobile telemedicine not only a success, but also an educational and enjoyable experience for both patient and physician.

Our Definition of Telemedicine

Telemedicine encompasses the processes, software, and equipment to connect a healthcare professional with a patient via technology and real-time connections. We believe in appropriate interaction between a provider and a patient, which follows all state medical and composite board guidelines. This includes giving the provider the comprehensive ability to do a full physical exam and evaluation on the patient by incorporating the proper peripherals for primary care and medical specialties.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain the quality of the patient, provider relationship and improve overall health outcomes with exceptional, compassionate service.

We are experienced as a market leader and a trusted advisor within the telehealth industry, guided by these principles:

  • Ensure an appropriate physician and patient interaction by giving the physician the comprehensive ability to do a full physical exam and evaluation on the patient.
  • Offer unparalleled service and support from our highly experienced and responsive account management, customer service, and IT teams.
  • Constantly test new and innovative technologies, and apply them in ways that make sense with our customers’ needs.
  • Take the complexity out of implementing a telehealth program and offer a simple and affordable solution that allows for a lower cost of ownership.






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