About Getting Prescriptions

Each state has different rules about which (if any) medications can be prescribed using telemedicine. Treatment plans are written at the full discretion of the treating provider. We offer general advice below, but the provider ultimately bears full responsibility for what they prescribe.


You may be able to get a prescription for appropriate medications in the following two circumstances:

1) If you are an established patient in the online provider’s practice, you can get a prescription in all 50 states.

2) If you are not a patient in the online provider’s practice, but your primary residence is in one of the following states, and the provider is also licensed to practice medicine in that same state. As of September 2015, the list of states where, upon information and belief, it is thought to be lawful to get a prescription through VideoMedicine includes all 50 States in the U.S except for Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alaska, New Jersey, and Indiana. This list will change over time. We put forth reasonable effort to keep this list up to date.

Please know that even if one of these two criteria for prescribing medications is not met, you will likely still benefit from the provider’s expertise. The consultant can still list out a number of possibilities as well as useful treatment plans and give their opinion of them.

VideoMedicine does not permit providers using its service to prescribe narcotics, or other inappropriate drugs that have been designated as U.S. Controlled substances as a Schedule I, II, or III drug. Schedule IV drugs may be prescribed, with caution, at your discretion if the consumer is already a patient in your practice. To see a list of common drugs please click HERE.

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